Saturday, May 14, 2011

The tragedy of having art as a hobby...

So in my search for pastel pencils I wen to a well known craft store that will be referred to as M's.  The only pencils they had were this multi-pastel chalk based pencil.  Working a lot with chalk pastels I got them and decided to see what they were about since the package didn't describe them well.  I opened them up and they weren't pastel-like at all!!! They were way too compact like a colored pencil and I knew if I tried to use them, they'd just scrape off anything I had already put down.  So I paid $35 for crap.  Awesome.  I called M's to make sure I could return them and they told me that because I opened the package they wouldn't give me a refund.  I argued based on the fact that unless I open the package, I won't actually know that this isn't a pastel pencil and isn't what I'm looking for.  They wouldn't budge, so I called a different branch and the manager there said I could bring them back but because I couldn't find my receipt (of course) they'd have to take 20% off their current price for a refund.  So I brought them back and spoke to someone about what I was actually looking for, which they didn't have and couldn't order.

Today was one of those days that was just made for me!  I went to a store specifically for supplying art and it was like being a kid in a candy store!  I got a 36 pack of the pencils I was looking for, a color shaper, board for support, blending stumps, and a portfolio with sleeves for my work.  And I used a Mastercard gift card Christmas present ($100) and didn't end up paying anything of my own pocket! :) Then I stopped by M's (I don't tend to hold grudges) to look at easels so that I stop ruining my coffee table with pastel grit and its my lucky day! All easels are 50% off!! So I grabbed an aluminum floor easel for $99.99, got 50% off, used the return card from my fake pastel pencils and only paid $20 out of my pocket! Yay!  Not too bad for getting supplies for one of the most expensive hobbies out there!

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