Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adventuring more into figures

Most of the figure drawings I've done have been either in charcoal or so abstract in color that I didn't need to worry about getting flesh tone colors right.  So last night I tried doing flesh tones and they came out pretty well!!  Sorry about the poor quality, its a picture off of my phone.

I put some blue in the shadow and pink over some of the jaundice looking areas with my pastel pencils after this was taken.  I also changing the teal blanket and added more color and shading to it.

I'll be practicing some quick drawings of figures tonight because I'm going into my first ever open figure session tomorrow night at the Art League of New Britain and I'm nervous!!!  I've never done it before and I really don't want to fail in front of a bunch of people!! Okay, less talking and back to practicing! Wish me luck!

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